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PowerCube – The Independent Energy Source

PowerCube, Minimum Version
Image: PowerCube, Minimum Version

PowerCube is the solution for power supply when there is no or only limited access to the public grid.

Whether as an independent power supply or for grid stabilization: For those who want to generate electricity in an alternative and ecological way.

No Connection to the Public Grid?

Whether a homestead far away from the next village, the handicraft business in a remote area, or the weather station in the high mountains - they all have one thing in common: Access to the public power grid is simply too expensive, and often not technically feasible.

The alternative power generation with PowerCube is the solution: set up - switch on - and the current flows!
(PowerCube generates power completely autonomously and independently, and without any connection to a public power grid. PowerCube differs significantly from an emergency power unit!)

The Power Grid fails again and again?

PowerCube, maximum Version
Image: PowerCube, maximum Version

Storms that bring trees upside down can often lead to days of power outages. Also icing or other weather extremes often cause severe damage to the public power lines. The human and economic consequences for a community unexpectedly cut off from the power grid can be enormous.
This starts with the failed cold store or freezer, no longer working medical devices, up to no cashier works anymore, the ventilation in the stable has failed, no electric stove, no light, no TV or radio, no internet, … the list can be continued endlessly.

Power failures, whether a few hours, days or weeks, can be automatically detected and bypassed with PowerCube. Never have to endure days without electricity.
(PowerCube works in parallel with the power grid, self-detecting when the utility grid does not provide electricity, and feeding the connected electrical loads at its own capacity, and when the power returns, PowerCube automatically disconnects from the grid. This is what is called Network Stabilization.)

Self Catering – The Desire for Independence

The feeling of being protected from power failure provides security. And you are your own master of the energy you need. No dependence anymore.

PowerCube generates electricity in an alternative and ecological way. So satisfaction adds to the certainty of having done something for nature.

Flexible, Mobile und Transportable

Since the entire technology - with the exception of photovoltaics - is housed in a standard 20-foot freight container, PowerCube can also be used on a mobile basis.

Flexible can certainly be seen on a global scale, since the same grid voltage is not present in every country. Some examples:

Region Mains Voltage
Africa Starting with no electricity, 100 volts, 60 hertz up to 240 volts, 50 hertz, depending on the country, everything is possible.
Asia 200 up to 240 volts, 50 hertz (depending on the country)
Australia 230 volts, 50 hertz
Europe 230 volts, 50 hertz
GUS-States 230 volts, 50 hertz
Central America 100 up to 120 volts, 60 hertz
North America 120 volts, 60 hertz
South America, Oceania Starting with 100 volts, 60 hertz up to 240 volts, 50 hertz, depending on the country anything can be found.

PowerCube is equipped for these conditions because it provides the following output voltages:

  • 240 - 400 volts, 50 hertz
  • 120 - 230 volts, 60 hertz

PowerCube is in use worldwide. From the research station in eternal ice to the jungle camp!

And how does it work?

PowerCube, minimum Version with Micro-Biogas-Plant
Image: PowerCube, minimum Version with Micro-Biogas-Plant

Basically PowerCube consists of the following components:

  • A standard 20ft freight container containing the technology
  • Control units that control the flow of current and power distribution
  • A large rechargeable maintenance-free battery storage
  • Motor-driven generator (up to 4 pieces depending on the version)
  • Tank for the engine (the engines, if several)
  • Photovoltaic system (outside the container) for ecological power generation
  • Optional: Hot water storage for heat extraction
  • Optional: Gas control and safety route for the use of biogas

Very simplified, it works as follows:

PowerCube delivers power through its massive battery storage. And it again recharges the batteries fully automatically and coordinated by the built-in control units.

For this purpose, the electricity is either taken from the photovoltaic system, and if no sun shines, a motor-driven, self-developed generator, generates the electricity.
This process is fully automatic and without the need for external intervention.

The motor that drives the generator is automatically started and stopped, and is always within a predetermined optimized range of effect. Its terms are only as long as necessary. This is an essential difference to, for example, an emergency generator.
As fuel for the engine diesel, heating oil, or vegetable oil can be used. An admixture of biogas is possible.
The waste heat generated at the engine can also be used.

The power generated by the PowerCube is no different from the public power supply.

Optional: Heat Extraction

The optional hot water equipment also uses the waste heat from the engine. For heating purposes, for example, a capacity of at least 400 liters with a temperature of around 85°Celsius is available.

Optional: Biogas as Engine Fuel

With an additional fermenter also biodegradable waste (without packaging material) can be fed. Fermentation produces biogas, which can be mixed with conventional fuels such as diesel, heating oil or vegetable oil.

How much Electricity is generated by the PowerCube?

The peak performance of a single PowerCube starts at 10 KW for the smallest version, and extends up to 90 KW for the largest version. However, any number of PowerCubes can operate in paralell mode to increase the total peak power.

Designation per single unit Levels
Photovoltaic system (mounted directly on the container) from 2.5 KW up to 15 KW
Photovoltaic system (externally mounted) in addition up to 45 KW
Battery storage from 10 KWh up to 230 KWh
Peak power from 10 KW to 90 KW
Motor-generator unit from 8 KW up to 32 KW

In general, every PowerCube is custom-made according to the respective requirements, because:

The interpretation of the peak performance must always be considered separately!
This particularly concerns the number of large consumers in operation at the same time.

This guarantees perfect coordination of the individual components for the most efficient range of action, depending on the application.

How much Electricity is generated by several PowerCubes?

The PowerCube Family
Image: The PowerCube Family

Several coupled, fully-fledged PowerCubes supply the infrastructure of a whole city reliably and safely with electricity for years to come.

Each PowerCube is designed to work with other PowerCubes to provide its own power supply that is not different in any way from the public power supply.